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When your smile is damaged due to tooth decay, it means your tooth enamel is highly susceptible to harmful acids that continually plague your smile. Thus, more effective oral health care treatments will be needed. A preventative treatment to consider as a dental sealant, which consists of a thin surface that is painted across the chewing surfaces of your teeth to provide a layer of protection against harmful acids that can arise.

Dental sealants can be placed as soon as the first molars grow in. Because molars are often most susceptible to dental erosion and cavities, dental sealants can be placed as soon as they are growing in around the age of 6. Numerous studies have shown that children who have dental sealants in place are 3 times less likely to suffer from cavities.

If you wish to further protect your smile, look no further than dental sealants. Beyond adding an additional layer of protection on top of your tooth enamel, they can complement the look of your smile without altering it. Furthermore, they are extremely long lasting and can provide up to 10 years of support before a replacement or repair will potentially be needed.

In order to strengthen your smile, dental sealants can provide an additional layer of protection. If you’re ever worried about dental erosion from occurring again, or the threat of cavities constantly looms over your shoulder, dental sealants should be placed on your teeth. Studies have shown that a single application of dental sealants can lower your risk for tooth decay by as much as 80%.

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