Bite Adjustments

A bite adjustment is just what it sounds like — an adjustment in your bite, or in how the teeth and jaws fit and work together. You may benefit from a bite adjustment in Rexburg, Idaho, if you suffer from uneven jaws, an improper bite or chronic headaches, which may be caused by imbalances in the bite. When the teeth do not correctly align with each other, it may cause excess stress in certain parts of your bite and result in some teeth touching and colliding more than they should. This may lead to TMJ disorders or to bruxism (teeth grinding), which can result in serious tooth damage and other symptoms, such as chronic headaches, jaw pain and facial pain.

To adjust your bite and improve the function and comfort of your smile, our dentist will assess your bite and determine which teeth are experiencing excess pressure. We may use X-rays and dental impressions to further evaluate your bite. When we have determined which teeth need to be adjusted, we will perform slight reshaping to help the teeth fit together correctly. Once the teeth have been properly shaped, they will be polished.

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