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If you haven’t already done so, make sure you receive a mouth guard to protect your mouth, teeth, and gums in times of need. Whether you are involved in high-risk activities such as contact sports, or simply need a mouth guard for basic protection, it is important to choose one that fits your oral health care needs. Once a mouth guard is a selected, follow the following guidelines for mouth guard care:

– To clean your mouth guard, wash it with soapy water and be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward.

– Children often need to replace their mouth guards more regularly because they are more likely to outgrow them.

– It is imperative to make sure that your mouth guard is functioning effectively, and if it should be showing signs of wear and tear, or if it is broken, it should be replaced.

– Always make sure your mouth guard is in premiere condition, so it can continue to take care of your mouth properly.

– During frequently dental checkups, bring in your mouth guard for routine evaluations to ensure it is continuing to function properly.

– You should always store your mouth guard in a safe container that is free from prying eyes of small children and pets.

– Make sure not to leave your mouth guard directly in the sun or in hot water.

– Always make sure to wash out your mouth after using your mouth guard and be sure to brush your teeth at least twice per day.

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