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If you have not already done so, make sure you establish a checklist of all unhealthy and healthy foods in your diet. Furthermore, keep track of any drinks that you consume and eliminate ones that could be hazardous to your oral health. For a list of tips to remember, consider the following:

Tips for healthy food/drink options:
– Try not to snack throughout the day, as doing so can increase the rate at which tooth decay occurs. Also, try to avoid snacking between large meals.
– Seek out foods and drinks that can help produce additional saliva. Saliva is essential for rinsing away debris and neutralizing acids in your mouth. Examples include crunchy foods that are chock full of water, like pears or apples.
– The minerals calcium and phosphorus are essential for remineralizing your teeth and keeping them strong. Products high in calcium and phosphorus include cheese, nuts, milk and chicken.

Tips for unhealthy food/drink options:
– Stay away from sugary or starchy products, as they can be converted in your mouth into acids that will lead to dental erosion and tooth decay.
– Acidic sweets and treats with a low pH level are much more likely to cause cavities. Acidic products include tomatoes and citrus fruits.
– Sour sweets are some of the most acidic products you can consume, as they have a pH level that is nearly the same as car battery acid.
– Exercise caution when biting into hard products such as hard candy or corn on the cob, as you can end up chipping or cracking your teeth or knock teeth out completely when biting into them.

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