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As you buy your new clothes, backpacks, and lunch boxes, it is also important to check off the items on your back-to-school dental checklist! If you do the following things, your smile will be ready to brighten your yearbook photo, send signals to your crush, and eat the horrific yet delicious lunchroom food:

1. Schedule your dental checkups.
As you make your last-minute back-to-school errands, call our office and schedule your dental cleanings! These appointments are very important and most people often forget about them. Instead of forgetting about your appointments, you can schedule them now and get everything squared away!

2. Establish a healthy oral hygiene routine.
When you’re rushing off to school, it’s easy to forget to brush your teeth, which is why it is important to establish a healthy oral hygiene routine as well and make time for it! Make sure you brush your teeth every morning and every night and you floss your teeth at least once a day. If you can, rinse your mouth with bacteria-killing or fluoride mouthwash. If you are consistent with this routine, you will reduce the risks of having major dental problems, and you won’t have to miss school for emergency dental appointments in the future.

3. Pack yourself healthy food for lunch and snacks.
Healthy food not only helps with your overall health, but it also helps improve the health of your pearly white chompers! Try to eat more fruits, vegetables, string cheese, and unsweetened applesauce instead of granola bars, candy, and fruit roll-ups. If you do so, you will have a smaller chance at developing tooth decay!

4. Guard your smile against oral injuries.
Do you play contact sports or activities? If so, there is a high chance that your mouth will get hit from many hard, forceful objects, like elbows, knees, and sports balls. So, dentists today strongly recommend protecting your smile with a sports mouth guard. There are many guards available, including boil-and-bite mouth guards, custom mouth guards, and stock mouth guards.

5. Replace your toothbrush.
It’s time to replace your toothbrush if you have used your brush for more than 3 or 4 months. We also recommend replacing your brush if the bristles have become frayed. If you have a strong and functional brush, you will have a strong and functional oral health!

To get started on this important checklist, call our office today and schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist! We look forward to giving you your perfect smile for the perfect school year.