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As you chat and laugh with your loved ones, do you ever get annoyed by your slipping dentures? If so, we have some tricks that can help you have a more successful and convenient experience with dentures! The five tricks we are happy to provide include:

No. 1: Eat soft foods
When you are first getting used to your dentures, it is best to eat soft, comforting foods, like yogurt, ice cream, fish, cooked vegetables, and eggs. While you do so, take small bites and chew on both sides of your mouth at the same time. Chew your food slowly and please do not eat sticky, chewy foods, like taffy, caramel, and chewy meats. As time passes by, you can gradually add harder, stickier foods to your diet.

No. 2: Take advantage of denture adhesives
If you want to keep your denture from slipping and sliding around in your mouth, denture adhesives are great products for you! Adhesives keep your appliance secure and stable. When using the product, don’t use a large amount and make sure you follow the instructions carefully. Also, do not use the adhesive to fix poorly fitted or old dentures.

No. 3: Speak and read out loud
If you speak or read out loud on your own or in front of others, it can help your tongue become familiar with the appliance. This will train your tongue to move around your denture without affecting your speech.

No. 4: Bite and swallow before you speak
Sometimes your denture can fall out of place when you talk, smile, laugh, or eat. To prevent this occurrence, you can gently bite down on the appliance and swallow. This will secure the denture into the proper position.

No. 5: Visit your dentist for denture adjustments
As the seasons change, your oral cavity will also change. If your oral bones and gums change throughout time, your denture may not fit properly anymore. When this happens, we strongly recommend coming into our dental office to get your denture adjusted. This will keep the denture in the best shape possible for your smile. Please do not try to adjust the denture yourself.

To learn more or to schedule your next dental appointment, call our office today and talk to a member of our team. We care about you and your smile, and we are happy to do all we can to help you have the best experience with dentures. We look forward to helping you!