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When buying dental hygiene products, it’s important that you only buy ones of high quality. The same goes for any hygiene product – we all have our favorite shampoo or soap brands, and stick to them because they provide the best benefit for their use, right?

Well, the same thought process should accompany what products you choose to use in your oral health routine. Here at North Fork Dental Care in Rexburg, Idaho, Dr. James Thomason recommends you only use products with the ADA Seal of Approval.

What is the ADA seal of Approval?

The ADA Seal of Approval appears on dental products that have been verified by the American Dental Association as quality products that accomplish exactly what they advertise to do. A product doesn’t earn the ADA seal unless it goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it’s up to part with ADA standards.

Why does it matter?

The ADA is a prestigious association of dentists from all across America who work together to ensure dental treatment is as effective, safe, and efficient as possible. When a product earns the ADA seal, it’s the same as any dentist in the country personally recommending the product to you for use.

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