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Many people have deep pits and fissures on the occlusal or biting surface of their molars and premolars. Sometimes these deeply textured areas can be hard to clean with brushing alone. Should residual food particles and plaque become trapped in these areas, it can harbor the growth of large cavities.

If these cavities aren’t repaired quickly, they can lead to serious complications. The most effective method for repairing these cavities involves Dr. James Thomason using inlays and onlays in Rexburg, Idaho.

Most dental inlays and onlays are made from gold alloy or porcelain. This requires the fillings to be produced at a professional dental lab. They can then be cemented into place at a brief follow-up appointment. The only real difference between these two types of fillings is related to the size and location of the tooth decay.

Inlays are used to repair large cavities on the biting surface of molars and premolars. Onlays are called for to repair a larger area of decay that extends from the biting surface to the side of a tooth.

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