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Are you aware that cosmetic dentistry can alter many aspects of your smile? Even though your adult teeth are the last pair of natural teeth you will ever have, if they are damaged it does not mean your smile needs to stay broken forever. With cosmetic dentistry, there is a wide assortment of dental procedures that can be used to fix or enhance your smile and give you the look that you have always dreamed of.

In most situations, damaged and broken teeth may need to be covered. If you are looking to cover up the fronts of teeth for your preferred look, dental veneers are a highly effective choice. If a tooth needs further protection, dental crowns can fully cap a tooth down to the gum line. To fix discolorations and stains, dental bonding treatments and tooth whitening systems are both highly effective.

If your teeth are lost or missing, they can be replaced. Missing teeth can be a huge burden on your mission for a great smile and on your oral health, so they should always be replaced with due haste. Dentures offer a removable treatment choice that can easily be removed for nightly cleanings, but it is also one that may come with a few food restrictions. Dental bridges and implants are permanent tooth replacements that offer a stronger hold that removes the need for food restrictions.

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