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When your dentist, Dr. James Thomason, installed your dental bridge, it was designed to restore your missing tooth for many years to come. However, there are times when gum disease or an oral injury can damage or weaken the cement that is holding your bridge in place.

If any part of your bridge feels loose, it needs to be examined by your dentist. The longer you delay, the more likely your chances are of having complications. If you can’t immediately reach Dr. James Thomason for treatment, there are a few first-aid considerations to keep in mind.

You should never play with the loose bridge. Small motions could damage the remaining cement or the abutment that is anchoring the bridge in your mouth.

If you have blood or debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse the area with saltwater. Don’t try to clean any part of the bridge because it might cause damage to the internal abutment. Any cleaning should be left to Dr. James Thomason’s highly trained hands.

If any part of your dental bridge in Rexburg, Idaho, is loose or is causing you problems, you should not hesitate to call Dr. James Thomason at 208-356-3012 to schedule an appointment.