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Did you know that 80% of patients reveal that they do not practice regular flossing? If you are part of that statistic; do not fear. You can change your ways.

You’ve probably been told many times that you need to floss, but do you know why? It doesn’t matter how well you brush or if you brush twice a day. There are places that flossing can reach that a toothbrush can’t. Food particles and plaque between the teeth promote cavities and tooth decay. When you floss, you clean up that bacteria, preventing oral health complications like cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, gingivitis and gum disease.

Whether you avoid flossing because it is time consuming or because you simply forget, here are a couple tips to help you!
-Floss picks and floss holders are an easy and quick way for you to clean in between your teeth without having to use regular floss.
-Remind yourself to floss by placing a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or schedule a daily reminder in your phone or tablet.
-Keep floss in your car, wallet or purse to use on the go.
-Track your habits for 21 days. It takes 21 days of consistent flossing to create a habit.

We challenge you to take small steps to better oral health. Will you accept our challenge? Next time we meet with you, we bet we’ll notice the difference. Schedule your next appointment with us in Rexburg, Idaho at North Fork Dental Care by calling us today at 208-356-3012. You can use the appointment as a deadline for your flossing goal. Dr. James Thomason looks forward to helping preserve your smile!