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Are there aspects of your life Did you know that mouth jewelry could be putting your teeth at an additional risk of dental damage. Mouth jewelry is linked to several oral health risks, so it is important to limit the use of lip and tongue rings, or avoid them altogether.

To keep your smile shining, you will need to remove mouth jewelry when you brush and floss your teeth and when you visit the dentist. With your jewelry in, you won’t be able to effectively clean your mouth. Even your dentist can struggle with cleaning your teeth lip or tongue rings are present.

Because lip and tongue rings are made from plastic or metal, the can pose a choking hazard if they break. And since your tongue ring will repeatedly contact your front teeth, those teeth are at a risk for chipping, cracking or developing spaces. If your piercing is not done correctly, you could suffer nerve damage or a ruptured blood vessel. You could develop and allergic reaction to your jewelry and you are at an increased risk for hepatitis and endocarditis.

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